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Looking to set  your company apart from the rest? What better way to say, "Thank You" to your best customers or employees than with a wine pairing dinner or mixer? Let Wine Pairs Events & Catering create an experience that your associates, colleagues and employees will never forget. Whether pulling from your own private cellar or pairing with the help of Chef Erin, Wine Pairs Events & Catering will pair your event with success!



Phone: (619) 823-3541

Sample Menu


Sunset Yacht Cruise 4-Course Pairing

w/Chef Erin Sealy


2015 Chateau d'Esclans Whispering Angel Rose

Sicilian Chicken Sausage Mousse | Chimichurri Spiked Goat Cheese | Chef Erin's Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam | Croissant Crostini | Baby Arugula | Fresh Mission Fig


2012 Chateau Puy Blaquet St. Emilion Bordeaux  (Right Bank)

Mini Rotini | Saucison Sec Hard Sausage | Basque Cheese | Nicoise + Green Olive Duo | Sun Dried Tomato | Pine Nut | Caper | Garlic Sauteed Haricot Vert | Baby Arugula | Caramelized Eggplant


2012 Chateau Haut Beausejour St. Estephe Bordeaux (Left Bank)

18+ Hour Slow Roasted Sage Stuffed Pork | Soft Polenta | House Sauce Tomat | Blackened Wild Mushroom | Nutmeg Infused Camembert Cream

2009 Chateau Suduiraut Castelnau Suduiraut Sauternes

Chef Erin's White Chocolate Brittle | Dried Apricot | Toasted Pecan | Cherry Pop Rocks | Nutmeg


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