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Founded in 2012 by Proprietor & Chef, Erin Sealy, Wine Pairs Events & Catering is the perfect choice for your next social gathering.  From private dinners to client cocktail parties, Chef Erin Sealy will help you impress your special someone or elite team by turning a boring dining experience into a palette pleasing extravaganza.


Chef Erin specializes in pairing food with wine, beer and spirits.  Menus are crafted around what is being poured for each course, taking into consideration the flavors & textures that make each unique!


Chef Erin Sealy meets one-on-one with each client to create a menu, atmosphere and elegant dining experience unlike anything you've ever...well, tasted.



Phone: (619) 823-3541

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  Pandemic Postscript                                                           

It has been an interesting few years for us all. For me, 2022 has most definitely been a rebuilding year after the 180 transition the pandemic caused. I still can't believe that I spent 2+ years running a dinner delivery program on my own, schlepping food and wine across the county. However I am thankful to say Wine Pairs Events has made it through to what is hopefully the other side of the pandemic. Though the delivery program officially ended in February 2022, there will still be holiday delivery for Thanksgiving and Christmas. As of August 2022, we're back up to 8 regular pop-up locations. Though some of our partner locations were forced to close due to the pandemic, many have also made it through; certainly not an easy feat for any small business. I have learned though this experience that I can get through the worst, compounded with uncertainty; but that it's not possible to get through it without hope. I think this is pretty universal and applicable not only to small businesses, but school, work, relationships, simply life in general. I truly hope that as the world progresses though consistent obstacles, you are also still hopeful for better, in whatever way "better" is for you, your family and friends.
Thank you for your continued support. We're here for your catering needs in addition to bringing you a wide variety of wine pairing dinners throughout San Diego County and South Orange County.
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